Thursday, June 30, 2016

CBC article about our exhibit

My textile art contribution to the Indian Giver exhibit was the featured photo for CBC article

My goal with this installation was to explore the notion of what if.... specifically, what if Indigenous art was not outlawed by the Indian Act provision known as the Potlatch Ban.

This ban forbid and criminalized Indigenous peoples art, language and ceremonies throughout Canada between 1884-1951. 
Me and my installation outfits that honour my late grandparents Eagle and Killer Whale clans

I made the likeness of a lady and gentleman's outfit from 1884. Although I did use my contemporary sewing machines for the bulk of this work, I did have countless hours of hand-sewing. Within those hours, my mind wandered through time remembering my late grandma Ida Swan August Shish and how she loved sewing and knitting. 

The reason for making this period piece, is to set a foundation of a larger dream. My bigger vision is to collaborate with a diverse group of Indigenous textile artists/designers to generate an Indigenous fashion timeline to show how Indigenous artistic aesthetic would have showcased stunning works... had we not been outlawed...

To see the full CBC article follow this link

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